Monday, 11 September 2017

Hydraulic press machine for aluminum pot making

Hydraulic press machine for aluminum pot making If you want to make aluminum pot. You are welcome to contact with us. Machine producer: Nantong Jugao Machinery Co Ltd Web: Email: Whatsapp:008613222111178 Description: 1.Computer optimized structure design, four-column structure: simple, economic and practical. 2.Cartridge valve equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points, hydraulic integrated system is adopted separate control unit. 3.It is suitable for the flow assembly of automobile, machine tool, internal combustion, textile machinery, washing machine, automotive electrical appliance, motorcycle shock absorber, air conditioner appliances and so on. 4.The machine operated by hand, the pressure can be adjusted within the range specified, the operation is simple, flexible, safe and reliable. 5.High precision adjustment, movement speed is fast, repeatability and stability. 6.Under program control, the machine automatically realize the fast forward, slow forward, quick return and other movements. Quick detail: C-type Rapid Hydraulic Press is a kind of multifunctional machine with high speed 1.C frame hydraulic press machine 2.High speed press machine 3.Adopted manual hand button and emergency stop button 4.Apply to drawing, crimping, holes punching and forming process. 5.Equipped Mitsubishi PLC and CNC control system. 6.Cold or heat hydraulic oil press machine 7.Apply to industry of metal forming such as sheet drawing, crimping, punching holes and forming. 8.Hydraulic press model are from 25ton,40ton,63 ton, 100 ton, 160 ton,200 ton,250 ton. Application: 1.It mainly applies to the fields of machine tool, engineering machinery, electrical components, bearings, washing machine, automobile parts, motor components and powder metallurgy. 2.The machine, with a high degree of automatization, is particularly suitable for the mass production of parts. 3.Used for metal forming such as sheet steel drawing,crimping,punching holes forming.