Monday, 11 September 2017

Hydraulic press machine for Stainless Steel Keg/Wine Barrel produce/make

Hydraulic press machine for Stainless Steel Keg/Wine Barrel produce/make If you want to produce stainless steel barrel. We can supply machines for you. Welcome to contact with us. Machine producer: Nantong Jugao Machinery Co Ltd Email: Web: Whatsapp: 008613222111178 Product Description 1.C Frame Hydraulic Press mainly applies to the fields of machine tool, engineering machinery, electrical components, bearings, washing machine, automobile parts, motor components and powder metallurgy. The machine, with a high degree of automatization, is particularly suitable for the mass production of parts. 2. Y32 Four column Hydraulic Press is suitable for drawing, bending, flanging, cold extruding, blanking processes for metal materials; straightening, press-in and forming processes for powder and abrasive products, plastic and insulation materials. 3. C Frame Hydraulic Press series High-speed hydraulic press with multi-functions, and it has a wide generality. It is suitable for the arber of parts like bearings and sleeves. The machine tool can also complete the technology function of bending, marking and shelling of plate material parts, and the function of stretching of simple parts. It is suitable for the flow assembly of automobile, machine tool, internal combustion, textile machinery, washing machine, automotive electrical appliance, motorcycle shock absorber, air conditioner appliances and so on. 2. Y32 Four column Hydraulic Press Series Four-column hydraulic press characteristics: 1) 3-beam & 4-column compact structure 2) Cartridge valve control, to improve the efficiency 3)Preset pressure forming and preset stroke 4)High efficiency of cooling device, suitable for continuous production Application of punching machine. The hydraulic punch machine is specially use for metal raw materials stretch/ tensile and deep drawing stamping. Such as pot, bowl, cup, vase, plate, barrel, water tank, wash basin, dishes and cookware etc. The press machine is widely use for metal sheet stretching, forming and straightening. This machine also suitable for different kinds of materials, like metal, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, alloy, steel, iron and so on. Usage of stretching punching machine. The up and down cylinders move at the same time. Fixed the metal raw materials and mold on the work table. Pull down the up cylinder slowly, so that the material was formed. The under cylinder slowly down back, to hold the workpiece. Coating stretch oil on the workpiece while working, to prevent scratching and damage the workpiece during stretching. After deep drawing, remove the up cylinder tensile axis firstly, then move the under cylinder upward to top out the workpiece, at last take out the workpiece and completed. Stretched within 500mm depth.